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SynthPad Preview Download Preview (Palm OS 5 only)

SynthPad Preview is a simple audio sampler for the PalmOS. You can record a single short sample, and then SynthPad will use simple synthesis techniques to let you play the sample back on any key of a one octave piano. SynthPad Preview can only run on Palm OS 5 handhelds (Does not yet work on Sony NX or NZ Clies).

To use SynthPad Preview, tap the "record" button in the top right corner. You will then hear a countdown to prepare you for recording (set countdown volume with "Game Sound" settings in your system 'Prefs'). A dot appears next to the "record" button while recording. SynthPad Preview can currently record only a few seconds of sound.

A progress bar will then appear as SynthPad calculates new waveforms for each piano key. This version of SynthPad uses a simple linear interpolation process without filtering. Future versions may offer more sophisticated methods and may include "native arm code" to allow real time synthesis (no waiting!).

The original waveform will appear in high resolution. Once that waveform has appeared you can play the piano. Only a single channel is currently used, so you can not overlap notes, instead each note will interrupt the one currently playing.

You can also trim any "dead air" (silence) off of the beginning of your sample. Tap the pen where the sound begins in the waveform to set a "trim point". When the trim point is set (you'll see a vertical line) a scissors icon will appear next to the "help" button. Tap the scissors and SynthPad will remove everything to the left of the trim point.

This is a free technology preview of products still to come from miniMusic. SynthPad requires a handheld or phone with a microphone. It has been tested on several Palm Tungsten and Treo models, but may not be compatible with some handhelds. This is a free sneak preview of products still in development, and we cannot guarentee it is error free (but we do have some experience with this sort of thing!).

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