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The miniMusic software applications are currently available for the Palm Platform only. This includes handheld computers and phones made by Palm (PalmOne), Sony, Tapwave, Kyocera, Samsung, Garmin, Handspring and others. All of our software requires Palm OS (operating system) version 3.0 and higher, but some features will only be available on newer versions of the Palm OS. Modern Palm devices are shipping with version 5 of the Palm OS and can all run our software.

The primary concern when choosing a handheld for our music software is its sound capabilities. At a minimum, our software can use the monophonic speaker built into ALL Palm Powered handhelds (monophonic means they can only play one note at a time), but we also support rich polyphonic sound on most current handhelds and phones by using our Krikit audio engine (sound cards and MIDI output are also available on some older models).

The only currently shipping Palm handhelds that do not support the Krikit engine are the Zire 22 (it can only playback with monophonic sound) and the Treo 700w (it uses a different operating system). If your handheld computer has a headphone jack it can run our audio engine. We recommend the Palm Tungsten E2 as the best current value, but the Treo 650, 680, 700p, Tungsten TX, Zire 72 and LifeDrive are all excellent devices for running our software.

Our previous top recommendations included the Tungsten E, Tungsten T, T2, T3, T5, Zire 71, the Treo 600 and the Tapwave Zodiac. The original Zire (with no number) and Zire 21 should be avoided as they do not support our audio engine and do not have headphone jacks.

Sony included a sound chip in many of their Clie models for several years. These include: Clie T415, T425, T615c, T625c, T655, T665, T675c, NR70, NR70v, NX60, NX70, NX73, NX80, NZ90, TG50 (listed roughly in order of release with the most recent model listed last). This sound chip is currently supported by all of our software. We recommend the NX80, or good deals can be found on older units like the T665. The discontinued TapWave Zodiac includes a built-in sound card AND supports our Krikit Audio Engine.

All of our software supports playing audio on external MIDI hardware, but this cannot be done easily with modern handhelds and phones. Most new handhelds have dropped serial support in favor of USB, but they cannot act as USB hosts which would be required to use a USB-MIDI interface. SOme Palm ungsten and Treo models support both USB and limited serial, but special expensive cables are needed for MIDI over serial on these models.

The Tungsten T is probably the best bet for both software synthesis (our Krikit Audio Engine) and MIDI connectivity, although it requires a patch to do MIDI (called SerialFix). For connecting to MIDI hardware we recommend older handhelds like the Palm m500, m505, m515, m100, m105, m130, and older models.

(Updated March 20, 2007)

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