The Market

You can buy our software as a download or you can buy it on CD-ROM and it will be shipped to you. We use PayPal to accept credit card payments; you do not need to join PayPal or open an account to pay by credit card! You can also buy software from one of our distributors or by mail.

Software Delivered Electronically
Make your payment on-line and the software will be sent to you by e-mail. There is no shipping charge added for products ordered electronically. For immediate download see the other options at the
bottom of this page.

Handheld Music Suite Download $69.95 US (Save 30%) info
Pro Music Suite Download $89.95 US (Save 30%) info
NotePad Download $29.95 info
BugBand Download $14.95 info
SoundPad Download $19.95 info
BeatPad Download $29.95 info
MixPad Download $29.95 only $19.95 info
EarTrain Download $11.95 info
AxisPad Download $19.95 info

Software on CD-ROM
Each CD-ROM contains the most recent version of our software, full documentation and a registration card, all in a DVD case. Perfect if you want or need a physical product for a gift or as an archive.

Handheld Music Suite CD-ROM $69.95 US (Save 30%) info
Pro Music Suite CD-ROM $89.95 US (Save 30%) info
NotePad CD-ROM $29.95 info
BugBand CD-ROM $14.95 info
SoundPad CD-ROM $19.95 info
BeatPad CD-ROM $29.95 info
MixPad CD-ROM $29.95 only $19.95 info
EarTrain CD-ROM $11.95 info
AxisPad CD-ROM $19.95 info

Palm-to-MIDI interface
This interface screws onto most Serial HotSync Cradles or Cables to give you a MIDI-out port. Use a standard MIDI cable to connect this interface to any MIDI hardware (keyboard, synthesizer, sampler, drum machine, etc.) This will not work with USB cradles and requires a full RS232 serial signal (not provided by the connectors on some handheld models). Fully compatible with all miniMusic software including NotePad, BeatPad, EarTrain and BugBand. See our Interface page for more information.
Only $19.95 US

Buy Software for Immediate Download
You can order our software from either of these on-line retailers and download the software immediately. Less of your money goes to miniMusic, but you get the software faster. These resellers do not yet carry AxisPad, MixPad or our software suites.

Buy miniMusic Software by Mail
Please print out
this order form and mail to us with a check or money order in US funds. We can then e-mail you the software, or send on a CD-ROM (additional shipping charges will apply if sent on disk).

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