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"The most impressive music program yet written for the Palm OS, bar none."

- David Pogue, author of 'PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide'

"I'm really very impressed with what I see... this is doubtless the coolest app I've seen since the introduction of the PalmPilot in 1995/6."

- Jim Harmon

"Last summer I bought NotePad for my Palm and it was the best investment I made. I am a band director and I use the program all the time and have found it invaluable."

- Kimberly Clark

"[BugBand] is exactly the kind of software I was looking for, and I was surprised to find it on the Palm, after I couldn't really find it on the mac at all."

- Michael Tuminello

"This is just so neat. It's simple, fun, and I'm learning to read sheet music. I'm a musician, and I play by ear- I can't read sheet music to save my life, and I didn't have the time or patience to learn, but this is like giraffe for musicians. I'd bet grade school/high school music teachers would love to have this. Excellent!"

- Bryon Gill

"I just purchased miniMusic [NotePad] for my Palm Vx, and I am really impressed with what it can do. The fact that it can talk to my midi sound card is awesome...this is an incredible little tool."

- Bruce Brown

"I love your [NotePad] program. As a composer, it is a great and convenient tool for me."

- Peter Scartabello

"Les enfants aiment [BugBand]"

- François et Karine Karth

"I bought BeatPad a while back and have been using it a lot to create basslines and drum loops. I output the midi data to a midi interface and then onto Emagic Logic through an AMT 8 interface. This works very well and isn't mentioned as an option but it extends the usefulness of BeatPad beyond synths with a 'to host' connector. I use it with a Korg MS2000 and Roland drum pads to create fantastic sounding loops. Logic lets me drive both pieces of gear at the same time. Takes me back to the days when I had a TR606 and a SCI Pro One doing much the same thing. It's also a good 'live' piece of software as you can add drum beats, mute drums and add fills in real time - not something you can easily do with a sequencer. And, if logic's recording, you can capture it all! It is a fantastic piece of software and well worth the money."

- Steven Hope

"I got one thing to say about BeatPad....DAMN GREAT. I love it... first I'll have to get myself a palm pilot."

- Caleb Delamare

"I have a friend that has two palms already and is going to get two more so he can velcro all four to a board and plug them into a MIDI merge box to control his gear. he goes crazy with Theremini and BeatPad!"

- Pete Moss, author of 'Theremini' & 'Yoda' software titles

"This is great! My 7 year old daughter (who's taking piano lessons) loved [BugBand]! She quickly figured out how to play and got to the second level. She wants more!"

- Robert Vincent

"This is a very useful piece of software for me and [with the NotePad conduit] you've just made it indispensable."

- Timothy J. Ehlinger

"I compose and arrange for my vocal ensemble... NotePad is a very useful -- well... note pad. I can jot down my ideas. Now with the conduit, I can more easily transfer those to the music notation program on my computer."

- Karen Escovitz

"I love BugBand, it's done more in 2 months to help me learn to read music than anything in the past 40 years. (lack of dicipline)...Again thanks for a great program!! Money well spent."

- Ed Konowal

"With NotePad I will never have to scramble for a piece of music paper again. I know that NotePad will be there for me whenever inspiration strikes!"

- Jordan Rudess, member of Dream Theater & Liquid Tension Experiment

"This thing is the coolest toy I've downloaded yet for the Palm."

- Ilan Muskat

"I love jotting down things in the darkness, like at night when I am driving (works great on the steering wheel, using your [NotePad] program)."

- Armand Melnbardis

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