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Happy Holidays!

Celebrated the season with a free mp3 arrangement of The Little Drummer Boy created using miniMusic NotePad and BeatPad and a Palm V (and a few other tools).

Download "The Little BeatPad Boy" (3.5 MB), composed by Chad Mealey and click here to find out how he created it.

--miniMusic Screen Shots--

"I absolutely *love* miniMusic! Even in it's early stages it [was] a wonderful practice tool for singers and lots of fun to use! I'm looking forward to future developments."
--- Bill Dyszel, Author of PalmPilot for Dummies (IDG Books)

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Our featured miniMusic user today is David Talento who performed live at the 2002 Fringe Festival in Philadelphia, PA on a Palm IIIc using BeatPad as the exclusive sequencer for two shows: August 31st 6:30 PM and Sept. 2 (Labor day) 2 PM

Also check out Palmar Aspect performing live music on the east coast with miniMusic BeatPad.

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