iPhone & iPod Touch

iPhone and iPod Touch
The miniMusic team has been hard at work developing a range of new products for Apple's iPhone platform. Rather than port our Palm applications, we are building a whole new suite of products custom designed for the iPhone. This lets us incorporate special features that were unavailable on the Palm, like multi-touch or the accelerometer.

Although we've focused on mobile music tools on the Palm platform, our experience with designing for mobile devices has inspired some non-music products too. We'll be launching additional entertainment, graphics and educational products under our Lint Labs brand. These are actually projects we started on the Palm but weren't able to release (yet!).

We are working hard to have at least one of our iPhone music products ready for the iPhone 2.0 launch in early July. We are looking forward to a rich variety of music products from other developers to help us make the iPhone a powerful tool for musicians, composers and students.

We will post more information about our new software as we get closer to release. At the moment we are developing several projects simultaneously ranging from notation and performance to education and audio editing.

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