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NoteDemo 1.2.1 (click to download)
Includes the full NotePad documentation
NoteDemo is a free trial version of our leading music notation software for the Palm Platform. The perfect sketchbook for composers on the road or an effective introduction to writing and reading music. With three ways to see your songs on screen, it's easy to enter music and edit your ideas. Tools include chords, key signatures, time signatures, tied notes, triplets, inversion, retrograde, and full cut/copy/paste editing. Visit the NotePad page for more information or buy NotePad now!.

BeatDemo 1.0.7 (click to download)
Includes the full BeatPad documentation
This full featured demo of our new BeatPad application lets you use your Palm as a pattern sequencer. It provides a simple yet powerful interface for creating musical patterns of various instruments or drum kits, layering these patterns, and performing them on any standard MIDI hardware. Using the Palm Platform's large touch sensitive screen, it is easy to see every aspect of a pattern at once and manipulate it with the stylus. Visit the BeatPad page for more information or buy BeatPad now!.

BugDemo 1.1 (click to download)
Demo of our BugBand educational software. BugBand helps you practice sight reading, letter names of notes, piano, guitar and brass instruments. With a practice level for the complete beginner and ten levels of difficulty, BugBand can help anyone improve their sight reading skills. Great for teaching kids the basics of music, helping students get through music classes at school, or anyone learn to play an instrument. Lots of bugs! Lots of fun! Visit the BugBand page for more information or buy BugBand now!.

EarDemo 1.0 (click to download)
Free demo of EarTrain. Learn to recognize musical intervals with this educational game. A great introduction to ear training or a fun drill for the experienced musician. Work your way through all of the intervals from the minor 2nd through the perfect octave, or choose just the intervals you want to focus on. Recognizing intervals is the key to chords and musical scales. Visit the EarTrain page for more information or buy EarTrain now!.

SoundPad Preview (click to download)
SoundPad is a four oscillator synthesizer. You can design your own sounds by changing the frequency and amplitude envelope for each oscillator. Also set oscillators to either produce sound directly or to modulate another oscillator! This allows you to create very complex rich sounds on your handheld. Visit the SoundPad page for more information.

SpinPad Preview (click to download)
SpinPad is our new graphic pattern editor. See music in a new way and interact with it while it plays. Give it a try for free. The full version will let you save more patterns and chain several patterns together into longer songs. Visit the SpinPad page for more information.

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