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Order on-line!

pay with a credit card
** Only include shipping and sales tax for Option 2 **------------
Option 1: Please send my software by e-mail (.zip format)No Cost
-- NotePad 1.0 application ($29.95 US)$
-- BeatPad 1.0 application ($29.95 US)$
-- BugBand 1.0 application ($11.95 US)$
Option 2: Please mail Mobile Software Pack ($6 shipping in USA, $10 elsewhere)$
-- Mobile Software Pack w/NotePad, BeatPad, and MIDI interface ($59.95 US)$
-- Sales Tax if you live in California ($4.95 US)$

PLEASE PRINT FORM and mail with Check or Money Order (in US funds) to:

P.O.Box 210761
San Francisco, CA 94121-0761

You will be notified of upgrades (at least one upgrade is free). Thank you for supporting the development of this software and please let us know of any problems you experience or features you'd like to see in the future. Write to us at support@minimusic.com

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