miniMusic excuses for Winter 2003

It all started with the holiday season (Christmas, New Years) where Chad decided to take nearly two weeks off from support and development so that the only thing being done was orders were shipping out from our warehouse. Just before he left he sent out the free NotePad and BeatPad upgrades which resulted in a great deal of e-mail (mostly returned messages from dead e-mail addresses for customers that had moved). After the holidays we were very busy getting ready for the NAMM trade show which is the biggest industry event of the year. While away at the trade show in late January, our DSL provider (DirecTV DSL) shut down their network, and although we had made arrangements to switch to another provider, they set our work-order aside while waiting for the DirecTV network to shut down... but then forgot to start working on our new connection. So we were without internet service for several weeks, and even when we could score a dial up connection, there is only so much work you can accomplish by dial up!

We have also had our fair share of technological surprises. We lost several months of good development time last year finding the last few bugs preventing full compatibility with OS 5 and with Sony's new Clie sound manager (which doesn't quite fulfill all of the expectations one would have from working with the Palm sound manager). But this was important work and will improve and speed up all of our other projects under development now. And then we find out that the serial manager has changed on the new Tungsten T which currently prevents it from working with our MIDI interface! But we are still optimistic that we can find a way to fix this or work around it!

We have cut back quite a bit on the time and resources we are currently putting into marketing and sales and press so that we can focus on development for the next month or two to wrap up some of the projects that have been delayed far too long. But of course we must still pay attention to customer support and updating our website with things like long lists of excuses! We will work extra hard to get EarTrain, SpinPad, MixPad and some things you haven't heard of out in the next couple months.

We are well aware that there are still a number of e-mails received in December and January that we have not dealt with, but out first priority was to get everything back on track and now we will try to quickly clean out our in box.

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