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Our Krikit Audio Engine is available for licensing. Enrich your games, media players or other software with rich polyphonic audio!

Unlike sampled sound engines, our Krikit Synth uses almost no memory (less than 10k!). No wav files, or MP3s or instrument samples. Also, you have the option of simply playing a MIDI file in the background or generating sounds as needed in real time.

We provide the Krikit Synth (a PNO resource), a sample sound bank, and the C code needed to control the synth. This has been tested in our wide range of professional music applications. Included are auto-gain control, stereo or mono sound, master volume and individual channel volume control, and flexible CPU usage that can be changed dynamically.

Unfortunately, we cannot quote you a final price without knowing more about your project. We are willing to license for either a flat fee (under $1000 for small developers), or a combination of a smaller flat fee and a percentage of your sales (we're talking in the range of 0.5% to 5%). The final cost will also depend on how much work we'll have to do customizing the Krikit Audio Engine for your needs.

We will not license our Audio Engine for use in products that compete directly with existing miniMusic applications.

Contact us with any questions, or let us know about your project so we can prepare a quote.

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